Have you been thinking about treating yourself or your loved ones to an orthodontic smile transformation? With Invisalign, you can get that perfect smile to suit your personality. Keep on reading to discover four reasons why you should try the gift of Invisalign this summer.

Choose Invisalign this summer


The Invisalign aligners are almost invisible, unlike traditional braces. You won’t have to walk around with a maze of metal installed in your mouth. Therefore, using Invisalign offers the discretion you need during summer. No one will know about your orthodontic treatment unless you inform them.

No Need to Worry About Diet

You can eat anything you want when you go for Invisalign aligners –from crispy and hard food to chewing gum and meat. Therefore, you can enjoy food and drinks throughout the summer without any restrictions. Mealtime with friends and family is more fun when you can bite large pieces of food such as apples and pizza.

Easy to Integrate into Your Lifestyle

Traditional braces require a significant commitment of energy and time. For instance, you have to clear your schedule for orthodontic tune-ups every month. Going to office appointments during the summer is never fun. Equally, it means spending less time with family and friends. Invisalign only needs switching out every one or two weeks to the next ones. You also won’t have to invest in specialized cleaning tools.

Easily Removable

Metal braces can only be removed once your treatment is complete – about two to three years. Therefore, which means making several lifestyle adjustments for the next couple of years. Invisalign can be removed when eating meals or any other time. However, you have to have them on for at least 22 hours a day. Enjoying the summer, therefore, gets easier with Invisalign.

Don’t Wait, Start Now

Do you want to get that perfect smile during the summer without making lifestyle changes? At Smiles Orthodontics, we can help you start your Invisalign treatment. Ensure you schedule an appointment today to get started.

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