In life, some things always go unappreciated. With all the ups and downs of life, very few things match the power of smiling. As my dentist says, a smile is a natural cure for a sore soul. Smiles by themselves are the most natural expression of human emotion. As such, smiling has a powerful effect on human interaction and relationships. power of smiling

Dental Habits

Some, however, may find it hard to experience or reciprocate a dashing smile due to poor dental hygiene or oral health. Evidence from a study published in the International Dental Journal shows that good oral health directly influences a person’s quality of life and expression. Consistent dental care and healthy habits such as brushing our teeth help keep our smiles radiant. Smoking affects the health of our teeth. Eating high-sugar diets and snacks also endangers our oral health. Flossing and brushing are important ways to maintain good oral health.

A Healthy Smile

Dentists help improve oral health and treat teeth defects, increasing our confidence to smile back at the world. By using braces, children can fix crooked teeth and improve their quality of life. We need orthodontics and dentistry because it helps keep our mouth healthy and produce flashy smiles. Other specialists, such as cosmetic dentists, help shape our smiles and life.

The Power of Smiling

When you look across or next to you, and a sweet smile meets your eyes, you always feel a breeze of inner peace. Similarly, you calm your soul when you smile back, and a wave of relief runs through you. In short, sometimes all you need is a simple healthy smile because it helps everybody feel better. One may even argue a smile can save your life by lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety, as stated in a Portuguese dental study in 2019. A healthy smile may be the cure you need.

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