All You Need to Know About GLO Whitening

They say that a smile is worth a thousand words and has the power to transform an enemy into a friend. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful smile for various reasons, colored and misaligned teeth being the primary culprits. Crooked teeth can be aligned by oral braces or Invisalign, but they can’t whiten stained teeth. Luckily, colored teeth can be whitened in a few hours, thanks to today’s advanced technology that has facilitated the discovery of the GLO whitening treatment.

GLO Whitening What is GLO Whitening, and How Does it Work?

GLO is an acronym for Guided Light Optics, a dental treatment procedure that uses a specialized mouthpiece to combine LED light for faster and painless results. With GLO, higher quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide are used compared to the other whitening methods, hence, more effective.

Patients may decide to be treated at a dental facility called In-Office GLO, or they may treat themselves at home, also called Take-Home GLO. Most people prefer the take-home option as it is cheaper than the In-Office option and more convenient.  


Is GLO Treatment Safe?

According to dental experts, the light emitted by GLO machines is entirely harmless. The safe range for “visible light spectrum” is between 400 to 700 nanometers, which means that at 470 nm, the blue LED light emitted by GLO machines is safe for humans. GLO is an FDA-approved technology.

How Long does GLO Whitening Last?

Even though most people believe that GLO treatment is a permanent solution for colored teeth, maintenance visits are recommended for lasting results. The treatments should not be one-time procedures. So, you must ensure that you’re on the same page with your dentist from the onset.

Is GLO Treatment Ideal for Everyone?

Whitening is believed to be the safest cosmetic procedure in dentistry. However, dentists do not recommend GLO treatment for lactating mums and children under the age of 13. Children are encouraged to seek other solutions, such as orthodontics and using braces. Besides correcting misaligned teeth, an orthodontist cleans the teeth and ensures the braces are in the right state. GLO whitening could be your answer for colored teeth. However, consult a dentist first for the perfect outcome.


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