Invisalign is a great way for almost anyone to get the orthodontic treatment that they need without showing the world that they are having treatment. These clear aligners will help move your teeth where they need to be to have a straighter, healthier smile. That being said, you may need to have Invisalign attachments to get the best treatment possible. 

So, what are these attachments?

Invisalign attachments

Though Invisalign is a great tool to help you move your teeth into the correct position, there are times when they need a little extra help. You may need to get attachments for your Invisalign to help force your teeth into the proper position.  

The attachments are little dots made out of composite filling material placed on your teeth to help your aligners work as well as they possibly can.

They help your aligners to fit more snugly so that your treatment can work as fast as possible. 

Why would I need them glued to my teeth when using Invisalign aligners?

The truth is that you may not need attachments on all of your teeth. Depending on your treatment, you may just need it on one or two teeth. 

Due to their shape and size, some teeth may need attachments to help get them into the proper position. You may also need attachments when a tooth is at a different angle.  

How do they help the process? 

These attachments are often helpful to keep the aligners in the correct place so that your teeth can get the full treatment. You may need them on one or two teeth (or several) to keep the aligners in place so that they can do their job. 

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