Orthodontic Financing

Paying For Braces & Invisalign

At Virginia Orthodontic Partners, we want you and your family to have that perfect smile. So we’ll partner with you in an effort to figure out a financial plan that works for you. One that doesn’t bust your budget!

Invest In Your Smile

We partner with you to build a plan that gives you the smile you want, with terms that work for your budget. We’ll never pressure you into a sale. We value giving you the information you need and then letting you make the right decision for your family.

We understand what it’s like to walk into a doctor’s office without fully understanding what your bill is going to be. That’s why Dr. Ellis or Dr. Lindgren provide the initial consultation completely free. And we always take the time to answer your questions before beginning treatment. We want you to feel comfortable.

We do think orthodontics is one of the best investments that a person can make. And we will work to make that investment affordable, even if that means paying that investment off over time. These days, we know money is tight. So we just want to make it affordable, and we want you to know that a beautiful smile is within your financial reach.

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Financing FAQs

Is there an extra fee for retainers?

Nope, retainers are included in our comprehensive care fee. We do charge for replacement retainers if yours is lost or broken.

Can I Use My FSA To Pay For My Braces?

Absolutely, we have several payment plan options for our patients with FSA’s. We’re happy to work with you and configure your payment schedule to maximize the benefits of your FSA plan. Ask us how to build a strategy that works for you!

Is There A Family Discount?

Yes! We take $100 off per family member. For instance: A family of three will each get $300 off their orthodontic treatment!

How Does Financing Work?

After your an initial consultation, you’ll sit down with a financial coordinator to figure out the payment plan that works best for you and your family. We provide flexible down payments and a monthly plan that will be customized to your needs.