Dr. Michael Ellis

An Orthodontic Partner of Excellence

“Dr. Ellis and I have known each other since our orthodontic residency, where we developed a strong friendship. We’ve kept in touch over the years, and when he suggested we partner together in serving Northern Virginia, it was a no-brainer. Dr. Ellis is more than good. He’s excellent. And as much as I love practicing with an excellent partner, what makes it special is that Dr. Ellis is one of my best friends.”

-Dr. Lindgren

Meet Dr. Ellis

Orthodontics has been a passion and dream of mine since before I was a teen.  When I used to visit the orthodontist as a patient, I was fascinated with the concept of moving teeth and creating beautiful smiles.  My orthodontist gave me the opportunity to hang out in the treatment bay and really see what the field was all about.  It was an experience that changed me and created a career path that led me to where I am today.

Being raised in a military family I understood the concept of hard work, the value of a dollar, and the appreciation for all I had.  I bring all of that with me to the way I run my practice today.  I make sure to make the time to understand each and every patient’s needs, answer all of your questions, and create a personalized treatment plan to achieve the smile you deserve.  I want every one of my patients to smile with confidence for years to come.

But I don’t stop at your smile.  I went through a tough health battle with Obstructive Sleep Apnea that changed me as a clinician.  It motivated me to go back into training and become a Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist.  Having the ability to Screen, Test, and Treat patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea has provided me a rewarding experience like none other.  I can now say that I get to both CHANGE people’s lives with a better smile, but also SAVE AND EXTEND people’s lives with improved sleep, health, and vitality.

I am excited to partner with you in your Orthodontic and Dental Sleep Medicine care.  Come visit, and experience what we mean when we say, “We’re better together.”

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Sports Fanatic

Saying I am a Sports NUT may be the understatement of a lifetime.  My current sport conquest is to see a baseball game in all 30 US Stadiums (over halfway done). And my son and I are traveling around the country to watch my beloved Capitals play in all 32 arenas.  Don’t be shy to be passionate about your team when you are in the office!

Avid Traveler

Me, my wife, and my kids are huge Adventures by Disney fans traveling to Europe, the Caribbean, and Alaska over the past decade.   But my favorite trips are my Daddy-Daughter trips to NYC to watch a Broadway play or a Father-Son trip to watch the Caps play.

Exercise Enthusiast

My wife and I are avid power walkers/hikers and have committed to the “1000 mile challenge” in 2021.  I also enjoy weight lifting and TaeKwonDo.  I am currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt and hoping to train for my third degree in the coming years. 

Military Upbringing

As the son of a retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, I spent most of my childhood traveling around the Midwest and east coast.  I am inspired by all those who serve their country and am truly humbled by the sacrifices our service men and women make. 

Get To Know Dr. Ellis

Our Experienced Family Orthodontist

I’ve been a practicing specialist in orthodontics since 2005.  As the son of a retired Air Force LTC, I spent most of my childhood traveling around the Midwest and East Coast until we settled down in Burke, VA, where I graduated from Lake Braddock High School in 1995.

Upon finishing high school, I attended Virginia Tech where I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1999 with a BS in Biochemistry, a BA in Chemistry, and a BS in Biology.  Next, I was onto Dental School at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia, where I finished first in my class in 2003 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery.  My education concluded after two more years at the University of Missouri at Kansas City where I earned my specialty degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.  

Since I started practicing, I’ve trained in modern orthodontic technologies, philosophies, and treatment techniques.  My expansive training and overall experience have allowed me to provide my patients with the most comprehensive care options.

I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in Washingtonian Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine, Virginia Living Magazine, and Consumer’s Research Magazine as one of America’s Top Dentists.

I have also had the privilege to lecture to numerous study clubs in the Northern Virginia Area on topics ranging from Dental Sleep Medicine, Surgical Orthodontics, Treatment of Patients with Missing Teeth, and Multidisciplinary Care.  I am a member of numerous lecture groups like the Spear Study Club, the Millennium Society, and the Seattle Study Club.  Continued learning is a passion of mine that will never end.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife, Bita, and my two children, Kaitlyn and Austin.  I am an avid sports fan.  I love to walk and hike, and well as lift weights and spar in TaeKwonDo (currently a second degree black belt).  I enjoy reading, painting, boating, and traveling as much as I can. 

Meet Dr. Lindgren

As an orthodontist and member of your community, Dr. Lindgren is here to partner with you in your smile. Dr. Lindgren knows that orthodontic care can be confusing, and that’s why she takes the time to listen to your questions, give you the answers you deserve and provide clarity on your course of treatment.

Meet Dr. Lindgren