To All of Our Wonderful Patients and Their Families,

This last year has been very trying on us all.  The loss of the ABILITY to live our lives and go about business as usual has stressed the entire country to its limits.  However, we all feel this break from normal was the tough measure that NEEDED to happen in order to keep our loved one’s safe and healthy.

The entire team of Virginia Orthodontic Partners are excited to return to work and resume the care of our patients as we truly missed you all.  We want to take a moment though to let you know what measures we have put in place to protect our patients, their families, and our team, as well as what to expect in regard to getting everyone rescheduled.

New Safety Measures:

  1. Only patients will be allowed in the treatment bay to optimize social distancing and allow our staff to keep the entire treatment bay disinfected and safe. Our staff and the doctors will be available to speak with the parent at the beginning and end of the appointment should the parent wish.
  2. We ask that only the parent of the patient come to the appointment in order to minimize the congregation of a large number of people in the lobby. Should a parent need to bring siblings we ask that you wait with them in the car, and we can call you on your cell when your child is finished with their appointment.
  3. We have always followed universal precautions in regard to sterilization and infection control, but we have trained the staff on enhanced measures in regard to PPE’s, barrier controls, and extended routine and thorough disinfection.
  4. Getting braces removed is the highest risk procedure as it requires using the hand piece to remove all the glue. This step creates high volumes of aerosols which can contain the virus of an infected patient or a carrier. Because of this we will be doing these procedures on specific days and in specific locations so that we can mitigate the risk to other patients and our team, and also allow increased time between these appointments to adequate disinfect the treatment area.
  5. High speed suction will continue to be used for any procedure that requires a small amount of hand piece use in order to protect everyone.
  6. Appointments and chair assignments for all patients in active treatment will be staggered in order to maintain adequate social distancing. Patients coming in for quick checks and retainer visits will be placed in alternate chairs and at appropriate times to keep them safe as well.
  7. Tooth brushing stations have been closed down to minimize common area interaction of patients. We ask that you brush PRIOR to coming to your visit and if you need to brush at the visit you will be asked to use the restroom to do so.
  8. NO PATIENT WITH ANY ACTIVE SICKNESS OR COLD, WHETHER IT BE COVID-19 OR OTHER AILMENT WILL BE SEEN. We ask you to reschedule and get well before returning to the office.

As I am sure you can appreciate these measures are extensive, but necessary for everyone’s safety.  However, it will create a challenge for us to get patients scheduled as quickly as we would like to.  The doctors are coming in additional days than their normal schedule in order to create as much additional appointment availability as possible.  We truly ask that you be patient and understanding with us as we are TRULY doing EVERYTHING we can to get everyone back on track so that they can get out of braces as fast as they can.

We also understand that even with all the above measures there will be some patients that are not ready to return to the office.  We understand that as well.  Each and every individual has to make the decision that is right for them at the given time.  Should you decide to delay return, please follow the instructions we sent via email before to keep your oral cavity healthy during your time away from us (we are happy to send another copy, should you need).

We will continue to follow the guidelines issues by the CDC, our Governor’s guidelines, and the recommendations of our local and national dental organizations (ADA, AAO, and VDA). Should anything change we will adapt in order to provide the best care possible for all of our patients. We thank you again for working with us through this difficult and challenging time.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


D. Michael Ellis, DDS
Meghan J. Lindgren, DDS
The Team of Virginia Orthodontic Partners

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