This week’s post stems from the axiom that a great smile begins with healthy teeth. We’ve noticed a higher percentage of adults inquiring about orthodontic treatment for this very reason. The benefits of orthodontic treatment are not only for children and teenagers!

Braces for adults is a topic that we are all too happy to shed light on. Braces are not just for the teenage set; they can also be extremely beneficial (and sometimes necessary!) in adulthood. Having straight teeth will help you avoid gum/bone loss, jaw joint pain, tooth decay, wear of the enamel and potential tooth loss. Reasons for adults currently seeking braces vary from preparing for a major life event like a wedding to wanting to achieve a more professional look with straighter teeth. Orthodontic treatment may also be part of a coordinated team treatment plan to prepare for implants, crowns or bridges. Teeth can shift as we age and often braces are needed again if retainers have not been worn.

New advancements in orthodontics have provided alternatives from the traditional metal braces. While these are still a great, we offer ceramic braces for the upper teeth and the option of clear aligners for many cases. Unlike translucent braces which must still be bonded to the teeth, the Invisalign® are clear aligners that can be removed to eat and brush. As the name suggests, their “invisible” quality offers a discreet look for social gatherings and the easy removal makes necessities like eating and flossing a breeze. Our consultations are free and we can let you know if you are an Invisalign candidate.

The end result of having braces can be extremely impactful on one’s health and overall self-esteem. We provide our patients with options in treatment and offer flexible payment plans. Here at Virginia Orthodontic Partners, we understand that a great smile is an essential accessory. If you’ve been toying with the idea of braces in your adult years, stop waiting and visit one of our offices to find the best option for you!

Watch this informative video about Invisalign.

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